Industry Mentoring and Networking

Kick start your career with support and advice from an Industry Mentor

Industry Mentoring at La Trobe University connects students, alumni and professionals and supports students and mentors through a rewarding program of learning, networking and professional development. Through a structured one-to-one partnership you will receive critical guidance and career planning support. Explore our mentoring programs to find the right program for you.

Why join the mentoring program?

Joining the program can help:

  • Connect you with Industry professionals, many of whom are La Trobe graduates themselves
  • Support you through a rewarding process of learning, networking and Professional Development
  • Maximise your confidence to succeed

Your mentor will be there to:

  • Motivate and challenge you
  • Challenge your preconceived ideas and beliefs
  • Provide valuable insights into the job market in a specific industry sector
  • Assist you in the early stages of your career planning.


For domestic students looking for a city-based or regional mentoring experience.

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For on-shore, international students seeking mentors in Australia or their home country or domestic students seeking international mentorship.

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Women in STEM

For female students wishing to enter male dominated industries.

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Ask Alumni (Flash Mentoring)

Consult with an industry expert in a one-off, quick career conversation.

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  • What does Mentoring Involve?
  • About Our Mentors

Each mentoring agreement lasts for 12 weeks, It is available at the following times:

  • February - June (semester 1)
  • July - November (semester 2)

You can engage in one of the following ways:
Campus-Based Students

  • Three, one-hour face-to-face meetings at the mentor's place of work or at a mutually agreed location
  • Regular, online interaction in between scheduled face-to-face mentoring sessions
  • Online engagement with a suite of material designed to support the mentor and mentee and encourage communication via online collaboration, messaging, information sharing, blog development and so on

Online and International students

  • Fully online engagements via Zoom or Skype consisting of three one hour meetings
  • Regular interactions via any preferred online method between formal mentor sessions
  • Online engagement with a suite of material designed to support the mentor and mentee and encourage communication via online collaboration, messaging, information sharing, blog development and so on

You complete the following tasks:

  • Creating a LinkedIn Profile
  • Creating a mentoring agreement
  • Goal setting
  • Assessment of progress
  • Assessment of the mentoring relationship and initiating discussions about this with your mentor

You attend the following events:

  • Orientation (run three times per year - you only need to attend once)
  • Networking events (two per year run in partnership with Alumni)
Our mentors come from a variety of private, public sector and not-for-profit organisations and have management and leadership experience. Many mentors are La Trobe alumni who have had a similar La Trobe experience as you and all are dedicated industry professionals who have volunteered to support future entrants into their industry.

Metro, Regional and International (general) on-shore and off-shore
Industry professionals with a range of experience across a range of industries. These include discipline specific mentors where required.

Indian and UEA
Bespoke relationships with mentors and mentees curated by LTU for specific Indian and Saudi student cohorts.

Women in STEM
Industry professionals from Engineering, Information Technology, and other male dominated professions from across the global who are committed to gender diversity and equality in the workplace.

Pride Mentoring
Professionals who identify as LGBTIQ+ able to mentor students within the context of additional challenges faced in the workforce offering professional and social guidance.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
Professionals who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people or allies able to support indigenous students in general and cultural career guidance.